We Repair Laptop

Any Brands, Any Problems


Diagnosis and Defection Mainboard Circuit/ Chipset, Parts, Hardware, System problems

Mainboard Circuit/ Chipset Repair

No Power, No Display, Blue Screen, Burnt Traces or Overheated

Touch/ LED Screen Replacement

Screen Flickering, Screen Crack, Screen With Black Spot, DIM Light Display and Screen with Lines

Keyboard Replacement

Key not functioning, Missing Keys or Broken Keys

Battery Replacement

Cannot Charge, Battery Out of Shape,
Battery Easy to Flat, Cannot Fully Charged

Fan Replacement

Fan not working, Noisy and etc / cleaning dust services

Hinge and Cover Repair / Replacement

Broken/ Loose Hinge, Broken Cover, Laptop Cover Replacement

Data Recovery

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Upgrade SSD/ RAM

Upgrade SSD (Solid State Drive) and RAM


  • Format & upgrade system Microsoft Windows / Mac OS
  • Install anti virus
  • Selling Laptop parts, adapter charger, battery, screen, keyboard, fan and etc
  • Selling SSD (Solid State Drive), RAM, external hard disk, network device and etc
  • Selling used/ refurbish Laptop
  • Selling used/ refurbish All in One/ Desktop

How Does It Work?

Get your laptop repaired in just few easy steps

Step 1. Contact Us

For any laptop issues, please whatsapp us at +60177655939

Step 2. Provide Quotation

We will provide a quotation to you after identify the laptop model and the issues.

Step 3. Collect Your Laptop

We will collect your laptop from your doorstep or you can send it to our service centre.

Step 4. Repair Laptop

Our professional team will repair your laptop and ensure the issues be fixed.

Step 5. Proceed Payment

You can pay the repairing bill by online transfer or cash on delivery.

Step 6. Collect Fixed Laptop

The fixed laptop will be sent to your doorstep or you can collect it from our service centre.

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